Bob Murnane, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Dr. Murnane is a board certified veterinary pathologist at the Washington National Primate Research Center, and has many years of broad experience in comparative veterinary pathology including over 10 years of research and pathology experience with zoo and wild animals.  His primary responsibility is to provide research and diagnostic pathology expertise for the primate center.  Dr. Murnane’s current primary research interest is focused on multi-disciplinary efforts to develop meta-analysis tools to query and analyze the plethora of scientific data available to biomedical researchers.

Denny Liggitt, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Dr. Liggitt, a board certified veterinary pathologist and Professor emeritus, has broad experience in biomedical research working in both the academic and private sectors – this includes substantial experience in translational medicine.

George Sanders, DVM, MS

Dr. Sanders is certified as a Fish Pathologist by the American Fisheries Society Fish Health Section. Currently, Dr Sanders is a Lecturer and is the Director of the Aquatic Animal Program, which provides multiple resources, training, instruction, and coordinates veterinary care and diagnostics for aquatic research animals at the University of Washington.

Jessica M. Snyder DVM, MS, Diplomate, ACVIM (Neurology) and ACVP

Dr. Snyder is a specialist in comparative pathology and veterinary neurology with a focus on neuropathology and aging.  She has completed residencies in Veterinary Neurology and in Comparative Medicine and Pathology, and she is uniquely qualified to consult and assist with aspects of study design, disease model evaluation, and histopathological analysis, scoring, and data interpretation in rodent and large animal models of neurological disease. Board certified in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology, October 2015


Dr. Waggie is board certified in veterinary pathology as well as laboratory animal medicine.  She has a broad range of experience with multiple species and models in government, academic, and biotech settings.  In addition to diagnostic and experimental pathology, she has experience in toxicologic pathology and preparing submissions to regulatory agencies.

Research Staff

Kerrie Allen, Program Operations Manager

Kerrie Allen received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Washington State University in Animal Science with a main focus on veterinary medicine. After graduating she worked in the zoo and veterinary science fields and is currently the Program Operations Manager for the University of Washington Veterinary Diagnostic Lab/Comparative Pathology Program at South Lake Union.

Brian Johnson, Senior Research Scientist

Brian Johnson is a Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Comparative Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in biology from Washington State University he received extensive histopathology training as a pathologists assistant (PA) for multiple clinical laboratories in the Puget sound area. He then spent two years working as a research scientist in pre-clinical development in a Seattle area biotechnology firm focusing on rodent and non-human primate pathology and lead candidate tissue cross-reactivity studies. Brian is now the program manager of the Histology and Imaging Core/Comparative Pathology Program at South Lake Union where he focuses on antibody optimization, digital imaging and quantitative image analysis.