Fee Schedule

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Test Name Test Code Price Unit
HIC Immunohistochemistry
IHC <20 hic01 $33.06 Slide
IHC BioTech hic03 $42.98 Slide
HIC Imaging Cost Center
Imaging-Nanozoomer hic05 $51.07 Hour
Imaging-Nanozoomer (BioTech) hic06 $66.39 Hour
Imaging-Deltavision Core hic07 $48.86 Hour
Imaging-Deltavision Core (BioTech) hic08 $63.52 Hour
Imaging-Nikon 90i hic09 $20.70 Hour
Imaging-Nikon 90i (BioTech) hic10 $26.92 Hour
Imaging-Visiopharm hic11 $21.03 Hour
Imaging-Visiopharm (BioTech) hic12 $27.34 Hour
Imaging-Network ImagePath hic13 $238.21 Year
Routine Histology Cost Center
Cassette Printing hic14 $1.47 Cassette
Cassette Printing Biotech hic16 $1.92 Cassette
Routine H&E Slide hic17 $15.07 Block
Routine H&E Slide w/Decal hic18 $19.91 Block
Routine H&E Slide Biotech hic21 $19.59 Block
Tissue Processing hic22 $11.82 Block
Tissue Processing w/Decal hic23 $17.95 Block
Tissue Processing Biotech hic25 $15.37 Block
Paraffin Sectioning hic26 $8.14 Slide
Paraffin Sectioning – (+) hic27 $8.77 Slide
Paraffin Sectioning Biotech non-charged hic30 $10.59 Slide
Paraffin Sectioning Biotech charged hic31 $11.40 Slide
Cryo Sectioning hic32 $8.77 Slide
Stain H&E hic33 $9.96 Slide
Stain H&E Biotech hic35 $12.95 Slide
Special Stain hic36 $16.98 Slide
HIC Labor
HC Labor – BJ Scientific Assistance hic37 $32.43 30 min
HC Labor – Technical Assistance hic43 $20.29 30 min
HIC Miscellaneous
Slide Box 50 hic40 $16.40 Each
Slide Box 100 hic41 $26.34 Each
Formalin/Decal Disposal Fee hic42 $3.76 480 ml